The arrival

Hey guys,

After some struggle with my SL tonight, I could finally take a picture to show you the news from HISposé. A new picture prop called HIShorse that is basically what you think it is, but way better. The prop horse comes with 6 single poses – 3 sitting and 3 standing – and you can play with the colors and textures of the horse!

HIShorse is gonna be released this sunday, make sure you get yours!


SKIN: FRUK – Lennon skin – The Stubble – Tone 3

HAIR: ::EXILE:: – Tidal – Wedge NEW MESH (non rigged)

SHIRT: Schadenfreude – White Oxford Shirt TINTED

PANTS: VALIANT – Grey V001 Jeans (creator Jamay Greene)

BOOTS: Ju – Kboots – black

COAT: ::[Mr.Poet]:: – CapeCoat Turtleneck and KnitScarf set_Glen check

HANDS: SLINK – De Jolie Mains Hands Relaxed Set 1

HORSE: HISpose – HIShorse

CROP: Riding helmet and crop


2 comments on “The arrival

  1. Absolutely stunning, love what you’ve done here. More please!!!

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