Long ride

Hey guys!

Parker Droverson and I came up with the idea of doing this post together when we saw this awesome hoodie from NOT SO BAD. It comes in a variety of colors and it has a nice fit, so we decided to wear the same hoodie and style it in different ways to show its versatility. Hope you like it!

*Parker´s outfit credits*


SKIN: FRUK – Lennon skin – The Stubble – Tone 3

HAIR: Exile – Aiden – Wedge


SWEATER: Gabriel – Loose Highneck sweater with Gloves(Black)

PANTS: NOTsoBAD – Mungo Jeans – dirty  MESH

BELT: NOTsoBAD – Mungo belt  MESH

SUNGLASSES IN THE POCKET: ARMIDI – Lifestyle Aviators – silver (modified)

SATCHEL: {mon tissu} – Sophmore Satchel – Matted Black  RESIZED MESH

GUITAR: ShortPieceOf String – Smashable Guitar v2

SHOES: [380] – Voyager – Black MESH

POSE: {.:exposeur:.} – Howard


4 comments on “Long ride

  1. Wnet to NotSoBad but its just a sand lot on a small sim. Wtf?

  2. Np, good blog you got goin here.

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